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Monday, Feb 4, 2019 —— No time for snark or smarm for a while.
The audiobook version of “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” is in final approach with a projected release date of February 11. If it takes a little longer… I won’t be surprised. Delays happen where reality is concerned, so let’s see how things pan out. decline_cover_272

The audio files of the novel were submitted and approved about ten days ago. At this juncture no news is good news—if there were problems I would have known by now (fingers crossed). My producer SPOT did a great job of recording and mixing the multi-voiced project under less than ideal conditions. It took longer than anticipated (causing us to trade lots of insults) but he did it right. Professionals are useful.

Audio excerpts can be heard at The Book and 101st Monkey pages.

The ebook version was released in March of 2016 and is still available at both Amazon and Smashwords at very affordable prices!


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