Snark and smarmy nights…

and a warm spart in my hot for anyone with no raincoat.

James Joyce uttered more malarkey than is sane to mention here, Joseph Heller played a little pool, John Steinbeck invented the beer milk shake, and no one knows how long Mary Shelley looked in the mirror before she created a monster and pushed it onto the playground. No one screamed at first, but after a reasonable night’s sleep mothers and children hesitated before opening their cereal boxes. In the pre-refrigeration days there was no telling where the milk had been.

The author of this website is a recluse who spent years of obfuscation within the arts and music world until excessive hyphenations of style drove things past the point of tolerance. There was nothing left to do but escape and set the lifeboat free under the guise of being an obfuscating counter bum… but don’t tell anyone. It won’t get you a free meal or any enlightenment coupons.

bk_cov02All submitted for your approval… or for your disregard. Rest assured that none of it will be taken too personally. The Internet excels at making a complete fool of itself. It’s not unusual to join the rest of the world by catching up to that example.

Insofar as the literary looking image… as of 2-16-17, the ebook revision is available and has gone live on both Amazon and Smashwords at very affordable prices! How can you resist?


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