The Book

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of excuses.”
—Mae West

It’s humanity’s sacred right to fail.
If nothing else, it looks good in the at-bat statistics:

Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization

Lofty, improbable thoughts.
This should never have been a novel.
But it is. Sorry.
(and ⬇somewhere⬇ it’s goddam FREE⬇ Look below⬇)

June McClunaghan, a luckless waitress and ex-flight attendant, ends up in Seattle in the early 1990s after a life of post-Joycean, Cubs-style defeat, and learns to play bass guitar at the height of that good ol’ coffee-swilling “Grunge Mania.” She loves coffee, hates grunge, so she and her friend Dedra Fatiuchka try to start a trashy garage band instead. No dice. But… 

…Dedra, a talented singer and computer geek who is disillusioned with the digital revolution, pranks together an impressively bogus press kit for the band and, in conspiracy with a studio-geek friend, her voice is overdubbed onto the dead tracks of a defunct band (that couldn’t pay their studio bill) and presto! A demo tape! No one the wiser, the whole shebang is sent to the offices of South By SouthWest in Austin, TX as a joke. SXSW, however, respond by offering the band—which doesn’t exist—a high profile showcase at the 1994 edition of the great, ballyhooed music conference. With the help of two guy friends, a guitarist and a drummer, they manage to slap together a functional combo and then embark to the big event only to lose their showcase by running afoul of one of the head festival honchos who pointedly yanks the rug from under them. But…

…another disappointment in June’s doggedly optimistic life, they begin the long trek back to Seattle. When inclement weather forces them off the road, June gets caught in a flash flood incident that leaves her stranded and injured in the middle of nowhere. Rescued by a mysterious hot-rodder, she is thrust into yet another post-Joycean world with even more surreal elements. Here she begins to sense that this strange but benevolent character may actually be the fabled “Seattle Capper” himself—the unseen phantom responsible for a history of distributor cap thefts—and the same one who stole their cap in Arizona while the band was enroute to Austin.

Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization is literary fiction that may appeal to misguided men, unsettled women, disgruntled music enthusiasts and anyone fond of examining the strings from which physicists’ yoyos spin.

The text is being produced into audiobook format. Doing the recording and narrative voiceovers (with other actors’ character voices) is SPOT—yeah, that guy. If not familiar, look him up here and here for starters.

Self-publication is a helluva process in any form. While the audiobook is the WIP (“work in progress” ha!) the ebook version became available for $0.99 on Amazon and FREE on Smashwords early in 2017, and those prices still hold as of late October, and maybe til the audio version is released (which is projected as early 2018). 
Will let ya know when all takes off or lands. Stand by… 

The original demo audio files are still posted on Soundcloud and YouTube.
Short non-audio excerpts of story are posted on the 101st Monkey page.