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The audiobook version of “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” was finished and released in February, 2019. It took a while for it to reach completion and I’m not a bit surprised. Delays notwithstanding, everything panned out. cover_sm3

My producer SPOT did a great job of recording and mixing the multi-voiced project under less than ideal conditions. It was a Sisyphus at times that caused lots of traded insults, but he did it right. Amazing how some professionals can actually be useful (haha).

Currently available thru AmazonGoogle Play, Playster, Nook, ScribdiTunes and other vendors.

Audio excerpts can be heard at The Book and 101st Monkey pages.

The ebook version was released back in March of 2016 and is still available at both Amazon and Smashwords at very affordable prices!


Instagram has been a fun writing excursion.