#2- Props On Launch Pads? Sure.

Rocket science is what it is. Propellor science is something else but it can be just as important if you want to get airborne from any launching pad. It worked for the German’s V2 rocket and also for Japan’s Zero, and it’s a good thing the USA kinda perfected both technologies.

My audiobook producer, SPOT, just launched what he calls “the precursor” to his next book—a booklet called “Anti-Punk Rock — A History” which I’ve ragged over plenty. I mean, c’mon. He starts working on a project for APR_cov_name 2 years ago and then comes out with his own after I insult him on the public media? Is this justice or justification?

Let’s just say I owe the doofus some props for sticking with recording my novel while dragging thru his own Sysyphus. And he learned how to perfect bind in the process. That ain’t easy, so it’ll be saddle-stitched, by golly. Can’t say I blame him. The difficulties of one thing should never stop a person from digging into another if only to keep a straight mind on it all. Apparently, the ruse worked. And, occasionally, you have to say something nice about those who actually help you… but you didn’t hear it here. More details in the next inevitable post; the insults ain’t quite over.

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