#3 Antithesis Of ACX-it-ing

I’ve lately thrown a healthy amount of insults and shade at the guy, but over a year ago SPOT’s decision to push “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” into audiobook form has entered the reality stage. It was a risky venture because, frankly, neither of us knew what the hell we were Exc13_igdigging ourselves into. But SPOT’s a pro who resists the urge to talk about it, isn’t afraid of failure, has a rich history of recording things that most folks wouldn’t touch, and he knew it was worth a try. We just had no idea how to approach it so I left it up to him; he’s good at figuring out where the clues, if any, might lie. One thing was certain: the standard ACX style (Amazon’s Audible product) was too simple and predictably formulaic.

He also takes his time and doesn’t force immediacy “…unless you absolutely have to…” when dealing with results. Story narration and vocal textures are what he concentrated on but, knowing the limitations, he sought out other voices to flesh out a difficult concept. Finding voices in the northern Midwest area (he lives in Sheboygan, WI) proved fruitless, and an unrelated trip to his old stomping ground of Los Angeles set him straight. He was once again in the midst of people, situations and possibilities he had not just known for years, but had helped create. Let’s just say… cue the Eureka! etude <eyes wide open> and……… cut! 

I was seriously questioning his intention to finish the project until he’d fully organized it and filled me in. It was a tough job but, like I said, the guy doesn’t talk about things unless it’s based on substance. Better than I can say for most people. He’ll be in LA for a few weeks working with four actors—George Basil, Rory Uphold, Janet Housden, Pleasant Gehman—that, from what I see (and hear), are pretty solid casting.

Damn. Again, the goddam fool took me by surprise. I was ready to kick his “geezer punk ass” and hang him out to dry. (and it still means i can insult him if i need to. sure, you can tell that to whoever you want.)

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