#4 Ain’t That A Kick

I’d take my goddam pants off and maybe jump into the shark pool, but I wouldn’t do anything stupid. Not me. Oh no. Time ain’t beaten the old man enough to claim his bicycle soul. Handlebars are as much a responsibility as wheels are, and don’t believe anything different!

Mr. Spot (he said, a bit formally) let me hear a wee bit of the voiceovers he’s doing in Los Angeles for my goddam audiobook and… wow. It’s actually happening and sounds GOOD! Way different than the standard such fare. OK, I’m impressed.

Then he sends me a reading he did of one of my recent blog posts… as a surprise? Said he was just doing a “casual” test 0f some new recording gear?  I didn’t ask for this! And I sure ain’t complaining!

The Voice? You tell me.

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