Abrasion in the Sun? (what fun!)

I know I must not think bad thoughts but, a coupla years back a certain (unnamed) literary journal offered “instant submission feedback” for a $5.00 fee. They were trying to pump up their finances to stay afloat. I hadn’t been getting ANY feedback from ANY submissions from ANYONE so I figured what the hell? It’s only 5 bucks. So…fly

…I submitted a story.
I sent em the $.
I got feedback within 48 hours—smug, self-important, dismissive, and reeking of symptoms that the editor had mostly skimmed it rather than read it. Sure. Why not? It was his game.

Well, either my submission broke them or they were gonna go under anyway. Today I got an unexpected email that confirmed their “fundraising” didn’t do them any good. I suppose my $5 bought someone a fancy beer, so here’s to independent publishing! And beware of journals offering *instant* anything. It’s much nicer to wait and wait and wait just to receive no word, no feedback at all. And not be woken by dreams or nightmares deferred. <hitting snooze alarm and smiling back to sleep>

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