So Little Time To Decline

flight schedule

Mostly because I had no idea when the audiobook version of “Decline And Fall of Alternative Civilization” would be completed. It was a very involved process that left really no time to project a release date. By all literary standards, that’s nuts, but sometimes you have to jump out of the plane when you have to jump and not worry about it. Call me crazy.

SPOT convinced me the novel would be better as an audiobook. I then convinced him to make it happen and produce it. Having never done such a thing, he accepted the challenge bravely and decided not to quit when he had a chance to.

In a nutshell, he stayed with it, refused to give up, got to the end. Technical snafus lined the route, and there were difficulties finding voices, but about a year and a half ago he hit the high road when it wasn’t expected. And doggone it… there was grumpy, hard-knuckled success, even though the hill climb hasn’t stopped . I’ll have to let him tell those stories cuz, frankly, I’d feel like a fool to try. Just like I woulda been a fool to attempt doing any readings myself. The conclusion is that we saved a buttload of headaches by letting him tackle it.

Parting shot? Not really. I’ll just let that plane ride.

Mea My Fanglin’ Culpa…

…cuz any Mea will do.flight path

I took a long break since my last blog post cuz I’ve been a bit weary of social media and internet activities lately. A vacation seemed better than cooking up preludes to undercooked, imaginary chickens & waffles. Sometimes convenience store burgers make sense.

So, sparing the constipation without spoiling the menu, today there’s significant news: The audiobook version of “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” has finally passed the finish line. There were many details in the project that needed straightening out but the wait was worth it. SPOT (my producer) did a great job of mashing a multi-voiced recording into a larger-than-the-sum-of-parts literary form. Even he had his doubts—and as many technical and editing snafus—but I’ll let him talk about that.

The files have all been formatted, submitted to the distributor (We did an end run around the Amazon/Audible regime! GOALLLLLL!), and so far been approved for release within the next 2 weeks. I’ll give more specific information ASAP. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, since folks usually wanna hear some narration and dialog samples, I can give ya some below. Order in!