Fearless Gobbas! O Hey!

Wheeee! The How We’ll Prompt #7/100 challenge!
A Twit-story based on the words cosmic and street;
then expanded into a 100-word poem:

Sgt. F. Fosdick’s fists fondled vinyl, see,
from the 5th and Finnegan Fine-N-Fancy-Flea.
where finicky Finches flew forth and said, “Frank!
you’ve Flipper and Fear, a’fore and a’flank!”
“Found for near free, my dear Frau Finch.
Fantastic fandangos from which ne’er did I flinch.”

But Lt. G. “Cosmic” Grant grumbled gruffly, no glee,
“Greatly goofed, this grammar! Garbled gob of graffiti!
This ‘Gaggly Gabby Gobba Gobba’? What the hey?
O, grimace! O, gag! O, great ghosts of grey!”

Fulfilling five finales, Fosdick put forth, “It doth start.”
Groaned Grant, “I agree. This street used to be smart.”

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