Fools? The Product? FANATICS…!!!!

dboon_nwt01Good news? Bad news?

Well, the good news is that “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” officially hit the digital streets on Friday, April 1—my targeted release date. The other day I successfully uploaded the .doc file to Smashwords and, after repairing one minor glitch, today it was approved for their Premium Catalog! Deadline met! Amazon, however, will take a couple more days. I’m gonna take the weekend to fix a few things (damn these file format conversions!). I can’t worry anymore. I’ve been thru the writer’s blogs; the marketing philosophies and surveys; done the research. You can’t prepare forever… it ain’t healthy. And I’ve always reserved the right to do things wrong.

‘Tis better to announce what’s been done than to glorify over what hasn’t been.

Years ago in the music, film, video and promotions businesses, working with, under, around, between, thru and against the egos, entities, entitlements and eczemas of artistic expressions, there was always the moment when you had to let go of preparations and expectations and kick that project out on its cranky little ass. Do or die. Ready or not. On stage, in front of the camera, warts and all. So, you shit yourself publicly? It happens. But you see what the fuck you’re made of. No excuses. Otherwise you’ve wasted your and everyone else’s time.

Tonight I might drink a little whiskey. Dig out the old fiddle I ain’t played in years, see how many tunes I can remember and celebrate the birthday of Mr. D. Boon. He was no pretty boy hair-rocker, no whiny hipster, didn’t have the greatest voice, but when it was time to play he made his mark. Some of us still have bruises but that was the whole point. Thank you, my man!

(and thank you, Spot, for the photo!)

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