Red Eyes at Midnight

My entry for How We’ll Prompt’s second #7/200 Challenge,
from a ten-word story about “two red eyes peering from a dark alley”:

Rounding the corner I heard a familiar growl in the dark.


There it was again.

“Annie Pants? That you?”

Annie didn’t meow so much as blow a one-and-a-half note solo—an alto with a sticky key, hoarse and unsatisfied. Against my ankle, her head ordered a scratch behind the ear.


I looked up at two floating devil eyes. “Shit!”

“Hey, it’s me.” The voice scraped like Annie’s.

“Fuck. You scared me, dude!

“Need a favor, man.” It was Marv, smoking a cig.

“What’s that?”

“Got this mirror from upstairs. Ol’ lady Harris says I can have it.” He took a puff. I could barely see his reflection. Just the glowing embers. “She’s gotta have her stuff out by Friday.”

“The Medicare deal?”

“Yeah. This’ll go real good in the corner of the bedroom. Serena’s gonna love it. Long’s I don’t drop it. You got your ride close by?”

“No. Walking.” Annie Pants snaked between my legs, purring.

“Well… if we can get it to the corner, I’m sure Omeir’ll lemme lock it up til morning,” he rasped. “Need some smokes, anyway.”

“I thought you quit, dude.”

“Not for me. For Annie.”

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